Nashua Pastoral Care

Jan 14, 2012

The Nashua Pastoral Care Center runs a number of programs to support families in the Nashua Area. Its Transitional Housing program and Norwell Home helped Robyn Jette find stability.

ROBYN: Before I had moved into the Norwell Home I was living with my mom in a two bedroom trailer that had six people in it, so my daughter and I were sleeping on the couch. My daughter was about eight months old when I moved into Norwell. The move was great, we needed just a place of our own.  It built stability for her. 

Since moving there she's started talking a lot more, she wasn’t walking. Now she’s walking, she almost knows all of her colors, she does sign language - she’s only eighteen months old.  We have to go to school, be working, or volunteering thirty hours a week. 

After moving into the Norwell Home I got my GED. At the moment I’m volunteering almost over thirty hours a week and on top of that I’m about to start a vet-tech program. My long term goal would be to become a Veterinarian and as long as I’m dealing with animals I’ll be happy.

I want my daughter to just have one place to live. I don’t want to be moving around, I just want her to feel safe and know this is home and not think “oh where am I going to be tomorrow? Or "where am I going to be a month from now?”

Overall, Norwell has brought my daughter and I together as one. I can finally keep everything stable with her, and know that I’m doing everything right. I have the support of everybody in the house telling me all the time that I’m doing good and have come a long way.