Nashua Granted Another $260K for Anti-Drug Enforcement

Sep 27, 2017

The Granite Hammer Program started last year to try to get major drug dealers off New Hampshire’s streets.  The state legislature has OK’d another year of funding for the program - but that funding still needs to be approved at the local level.

Nashua Police Lt. Brian Kenney told the Board of Aldermen on Tuesday night that this program is working. He says operations through Granite Hammer have led to 200-plus arrests and a 25 percent drop in drug overdoses in the city.

“We were being told that larger scale dealers weren’t showing up anymore – they were dictating the terms of these sales and they were dictating to New Hampshire residents you have to come down to Lawrence, we won’t deal with you in Nashua," Kenney told the board.

The Nashua Board of Aldermen voted unanimously to approve the new funding Tuesday, to the tune of $261,000.

A total of $2.4 million was set aside for Granite Hammer operations statewide.