The Music In Between

Jun 23, 2013

Have you ever heard some music on NHPR and wondered, "what was that song?" Those musical interludes set the tone and pace for the stories you hear, because great storytelling demands great music. It’s why we choose the music that surrounds our reporting so carefully. This week, we’ll hear more of that music in between. 

Credit Flickr/Creative Commons


Modest Mouse; “Custom”

Beastie Boys; “Son of Neckbone:

Wilco; “Impossible Germany”

Son Volt; “Chanty”

Kaki King; “Solipsist”

Smashing Pumpkins; “Whir”

Rolling Stones; “Moonlight Mile”

Neil Young; Harvest Moon”

Lyle Lovett; “Bears”

Strummer; “Johnny Appleseed”

Radiohead; “Morning Bell”

MGMT; “Electric Feel”

Eric Matthews; “Soul Nation Select Them”

Bluegrass Tribute to Phish; “Tweezer”

The B52’s; “Follow Your Bliss”