Miranda July: The First Bad Man

Feb 19, 2015

Miranda July. Maybe you know her from her quirky and charming 2005 film “Me And You And Everyone We Know,” which won the special jury prize at Sundance – but since then she’s made a second film, a book of short stories, a messaging app, and has performed all over the world, and now she’s written a novel.

If you're not perfect, and neither she nor I are perfect, or perfectly sexy, then you're supposed to be a little bit apologetic about yourself, otherwise you're annoying.

July’s debut novel The First Bad Man continues her skill at revealing uncomfortable moments and unexpected truths … in a very funny way.

I think that women, without even being aware of it, are often the man in a sexual fantasy, which is kind of the way that sex is sold to us...the man is the one kind of having the most fun.

She talks, too, about writing the book … and about some passages in the book are taken much from her own life.

I wrote a little note to my editor in that first draft...I'm not even going to bother filling out the baby sections, because next week I'll be a mom.

You can read the New York Times Review at this link, and more on the book here.