Medical Marijuana Dispensary Proposed In Dover

Sep 10, 2015

Credit DD via Flickr Creative Commons

The city of Dover is being eyed for one of the state’s four medical marijuana dispensaries.

The dispensary would be located in a Dover industrial park and would serve patients in Rockingham, Strafford and Belknap counties.

But before doors can open, Temescel Wellness, the company that would operate the dispensary, must submit detailed floor plans to the city, and get police to sign off on a security plan.

The city must also hold a public hearing, as required by state law.

Marijuana would not be grown in Dover, as Temescel Wellness plans to operate its cultivation facility in Manchester.

The company will run two of the state’s four dispensaries, the other located in Peterborough to serve the state’s southwestern patients.

Dispensaries are also being proposed in Plymouth and Lebanon.