Mazzaglia Trial Begins Tuesday

May 26, 2014

Credit SalFalko, Mentus Media / Flickr Creative Commons

The trial begins Tuesday for Seth Mazzaglia, the 31 year old man prosecutors say raped and killed 19 year old UNH student, Lizzi Marriott in October of 2012. 

A jury of 16 will be sworn in at noon.  They're then expected to visit sites in Dover and Portsmouth. There, jurors will likely view the Sawyer Mill Apartment where Marriott's death allegedly took place; dumpsters where evidence was found, and the location on Pierce Island where Mazzaglia told investigators he left the body.

Mazzaglia faces charges for multiple counts of first-degree murder, along with second-degree murder, conspiracy and criminal solicitation.

Testimony is slated to begin Wednesday at the Strafford Superior Court after opening statements. It is expected to take up to three weeks.