Mayor Gatsas Says He'll Declare Gubernatorial Intentions by June

Mar 6, 2012


Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas still won’t say if he has decided whether or not to run for Governor of New Hampshire. 

Since winning re-election by a 2-1 margin in November, the popular Republican has fueled speculation about a possible gubernatorial run by not letting himself be pegged down.   Today on NHPR’s the Exchange with Laura Knoy, Mayor Gatsas again ducked announcing a decision, saying "whatever capacity I'm in I will always serve the people of the state."

When Knoy asked if he had a deadline for making his decision Gatsas joked, "I think you gotta decide by June, because I think the signup date is June."

If he runs, Gatsas would be the fourth republican to enter the governor’s race.  He would join conservative activist Kevin Smith, lawyer Ovid Lamontange and businessman Steve Kenda. Former Democratic State Senators Maggie Hassan and Jackie Cilley have announced they will run on the other half of the ticket.