LRGH Steers Clear of Medicaid Patients

Oct 26, 2011

More than 3,000 people on Medicaid in the Lakes Region will have to switch from their regular doctors by next month.  They are being reassigned to other area clinics.

Primary care doctors that are part of LRGH Healthcare will no longer treat Medicaid patients.  LRGH President, Tom Clairmont, says the joint federal-state program for the poor and disabled, covers less than half the cost of providing care.  Clairmont says that formula undermines the hospital’s ability to provide the most essential care.

“In order for us to maintain our access to everyone for emergency services in both our Franklin and Lakes Region Hospitals, we can’t continue to accept poor reimbursement.”

The move by LRGH is part of a larger battle with the state over hospital finances.  Governor Lynch accused the hospital system of punishing patients to advance its political and legal case.