Loon Live Cam: All Eyes on Nesting Loons in N.H.

Jun 3, 2018

This is the fifth year that the Loon Preservation Committee has had its loon cam, which streams video of nesting loons in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.
Credit LPC

Fans of loons can once again watch a pair of nesting loons in New Hampshire's Lakes Region.

This is the fifth year the Loon Preservation Committee is streaming live footage of the birds.

The footage captured the first egg on May 25 and two more eggs were seen on May 28.

Biologists expect to see chicks between June 20-22, if all goes well.

Nesting loons in New Hampshire face many challenges, including black flies, predators, flooded nests, and intruding loons.

This loon pair is among the first loons in the state to initiate a nest; the peak of loon nest initiation usually occurs around the first week of June in New Hampshire, followed by a four week incubation period.