Look How Cute the Wallaby Is!

Oct 19, 2011

Today's story on resurrected proteins developed by Australian scientists to fight superbugs pointed to the wallaby as the source for their idea. You see, when that teeny wallaby baby climbes into its mother's pouch to finish cooking, that pouch is a pretty icky place...sort of like if we put our preemies to bed on used kitchen sponges. So the wallaby, as it turns out, has some genes for super-immunity that go far back in evolution..we're talking tens of MILLIONS of years back.

But I digress...all that research is exciting, but what really grabs me is that the wallaby...the animal that might end up saving our species from all sorts of drug-resistant superbugs...might just be the cutest darned animal ever. See what I mean?

So, there's that.