Live WW II Grenade Found And Detonated In North Country

Mar 25, 2012


A live World War II era hand grenade was found at the Moore Reservoir in Littleton Sunday.  NHPR’s Chris Jensen reports.


The grenade was found by two men using a metal detector in an area that would normally have been under water.

“They were very surprised. They were hoping to find, I think, a little bit more valuable item.”

That’s Littleton police officer James Gardiner.

“They told me they found a penny, an old New Hampshire token and then the grenade. They are done with today’s metal detecting.”

State police bomb expert Jeffrey Dade was called.

He says about 90 percent of the time old military weapons were modified and won’t explode.

“But there is that small percentage that we find that are completely still alive.”

This was one of those times.

Dade and an FBI agent moved it to a nearby cove.

Sound of explosion.

Where it was blown up.

For NHPR News this is Chris Jensen

For video go here.