Lawmakers Want to Tighten Up Eminent Domain

Dec 8, 2011


Senate lawmakers met today to discuss a bill that would change the rules of eminent domain.

As NHPR’s Sam Evans-Brown reports, the debate is spurred by people concerned that they will lose their land to the Northern Pass Project

The judiciary committee considered more than a half dozen amendments that all sought to clarify when and how utilities can use eminent domain.  

In the end, the committee recommended Republican Senator Sharon Carson’s proposal.

That amendment makes eminent domain petitions more onerous in a number of ways, like requiring utilities offer land-owners at least 200% of the market value of their homes.

The committee even discussed bumping that up to 300%.

The amendment would also make it illegal to coerce a landowner into selling by threatening eminent domain.

But this change does not go far-enough to appease the landowners who oppose the Northern Pass project.

They are pushing for even tighter language on eminent domain