Lawmakers Return to Concord This Week After Short Vacation

Feb 29, 2016

After having a 7-day vacation, lawmakers will return to Concord this week. The full Senate will be meeting on Thursday to take up more than 40 bills. Meanwhile the full House won’t come back until next Wednesday.

Although the full House will not be meeting, they’ll sure have their hands full – especially the Finance Committee who will be taking up this session’s biggest piece of legislation. That is whether to continue the state’s Medicaid expansion program for another two years.

The committee plans to work on the bill Tuesday and vote on it Thursday.

Meanwhile the Senate Ways and Means Committee will hold a public hearing Tuesday on whether to legalize Keno in the state. The bill calls for licensing 250 locations which would bring in an estimated 43 million dollars each year starting in 2017. Last year a similar measure passed the House but was killed in the Senate.

And on Thursday the full Senate will have a long day as they sift through dozens of bills on the floor.

Bills include making changes to the state’s sex offender registry, upping the fines for the possession of marijuana to funding for pre-kindergarten services for 4-year-olds statewide.