Lamontagne Defeats Smith, Secures Nomination

Sep 12, 2012

Lamontagne delivering his victory speech in Concord
Credit Jonathan Lynch / NHPR

Ovide Lamontagne secured the Republican nomination for his gubernatorial bid. He beat challenger Kevin Smith and will go on to face Maggie Hassan in the general election in November.

(Chants of "Ovide, Ovide")

Ovide Lamontagne took the podium shortly after accepting rival Kevin Smith's concession. But he didn't bask in the glow of victory for long.

"Please savor the moment. Savor the moment, because it's over."

Lamontagne's race was one of the first called of the evening, and he wasted no time in setting his sights on his Democratic opponent.

He zeroed in on Maggie Hassan's support of the Affordable Care Act, saying it isn't right for the Granite State.

"Is it the New Hampshire way to support a government-sponsored takeover of our healthcare system?"

The crowd responded with an emphatic "No!"

Smith has said he will back Lamontagne in November's general election.