Keep An Eye Out: Answers to Your #OnlyInNH Questions Are Coming

Jul 13, 2017

Remember how we asked you to send us your questions about New Hampshire? You delivered, and then some — and now, we’re happy to report, we have some answers.

Our first Only In New Hampshire story rolls out this weekend, in response to a question from Concord resident Benjamin Kramer: “Is the recent craft beer hype in New Hampshire actually generating business? Is there factual, significant growth, or are these failing in a year?” To find out more, Word of Mouth producer Taylor Quimby tracked down a bona fide beer economist and (of course) did some on-site research at microbreweries across the state — get the full story here.

Between the Word of Mouth and NHPR news teams, we'll also have more answers coming your way soon on New Hampshire's ghost towns, forgotten archeological sites, and more.

And we haven’t forgotten about the question one of you had about why New Hampshire is one of a dwindling number of states to still require annual car inspections. We’re wrapping up our reporting on that, too, and plan to share what we learned soon.

This is just the start. Send in more questions about anything you’ve been wondering about the Granite State using the form below.



Some submissions have been edited lightly for clarity.