Kasich Talks Higher Ed Costs At Goffstown Event

Jan 25, 2016

Republican John Kasich continues a stretch of more than a week of campaigning in New Hampshire.

At a town hall event Sunday in Goffstown, Kasich took questions on Social Security, climate change and education. He said to keep college costs down, students should be able to obtain more academic credits through high school and community college programs; that, he said, would enable many students to cut costs by three-quarters.  

Kasich also suggested colleges should outsource parking and food service to focus on academic instruction, and he had several proposals for those already dealing with student debt. “Give a company an ability, an incentive as a recruiting tool, to help kids pay down their student loans," he said. "But in addition to that, maybe we need to come up with a community service program where you can work off some of that debt. I'm seriously thinking about that because to me, that has some real appeal.”

Today the Ohio Governor is set to appear in Newmarket and Manchester.