Jim Rubens Files His Papers For U.S. Senate

Jun 5, 2014

Jim Rubens stopped by the secretary of states office Thursday to file his candidacy for US Senate. The Hanover Republican used the opportunity to make the case that he’ll be the number one competitor to former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown in the primary.

Former state senator Jim Rubens is perhaps the most difficult Republican to pin down ideologically in the race for the Senate seat currently held by Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

Rubens, has trailed Scott Brown in early polls,

He’s been campaigning furiously on issues related to gun rights and veterans affairs.

Rubens: We are in this to win and we’re connecting really well with the grass roots of the people of the state of New Hampshire.

Rubens was the first to get into the race, proposing to “repeal and replace” Obamacare and to institute a revenue neutral carbon tax. He has since backed away from the carbon tax, which he calls a “political non-starter,” and instead is emphasizing a plan to “wipe out all energy subsidies and mandates.”

Initially observers believed Rubens’ campaign would struggle with the Republican base because of his open acknowledgement that climate change is a concern, but with Scott Brown as the front-runner for the seat Rubens has succeeded in attracting some more conservative endorsements. Last week he announced that he had won the backing of the Republican Liberty Caucus, and has attracted the support of some of the Libertarian community, such as the Marijuana Policy Project.

Two other Republicans who have announced their candidacy – Karen Testerman and another former US senator Bob Smith – say they plan file next week.