The Jamaican Bobsled Song

Feb 18, 2014

Credit Charles LeBlanc via Flickr Creative Commons

"Run the track! Run the track! Run the track! It's bobsled time!" Holy earworm, everyone. The Jamaican bobsled team might be last in Olympic competition, but they're currently vying for first in catchy internet songs. "The Bobsled Song", which you can listen to below, synchs perfectly with the turns of the Olympic track. Viewers could press play at the exact moment the Jamaican bobsled team started their descent on the track and watch as the music matched their movements. "To the left! To the left!"

Check out the 8-bit video, and just try not to move to the music.

Want to learn more about Olympic bobsleds? Listen to Virginia Prescott's conversation with Michael Scully, a New Hampshire native. Scully is the creative director at BMW Designworks USA. He had an integral part in the US Olympic bobsled design.