"IB Bill" Goes Down in the Senate

May 16, 2012

The Senate has unanimously voted against a bill that would have prohibited the use of International Baccalaureate curriculum in New Hampshire Schools.

The state's IB program became controversial after parents in Bedford and Merrimack complained that it has political, anti-american overtones.

But even Senators who have concerns, like Republican Jim Forsythe, decided Wednesday not to supersede local schools’ decision to use IB.

Forsythe: It’s not our place to override local control, if communities choose to adopt this program, whether we like it or not, they should be free to adopt that.

IB supporters flocked to the statehouse two weeks ago to tell senators that the program promotes global understanding and is part of a college preparatory track.

Opponents of the IB program say that they will continue to fight its implementation in the granite state.