Hummus Braces Itself To Tackle NFL Fans

Jul 29, 2013

Sabra Hummus has launched a new campaign as part of their being named the official dip of the NFL for this season.
Credit Business Insider

The NFL preseason kicks off this Sunday in Canton, Ohio, when the Cowboys take on the dolphins at the annual hall of fame game.  The game gives fans the first opportunity in months to get together, warm up the couch, and bust out the beer and snacks. Sabra hummus is making a play to sit alongside chicken wings, nachos and salsa in the billion-plus dollar football food market.  And it’s got a big backer. Sabra hummus is now the official dip of the NFL.

Though this might not sound like a big deal here in the northeast – where the middle-eastern, chick-pea based spread is already popular fare – hummus is still something of a foreign food to large swaths of football-watching America.

Duane Stanford is a reporter with Bloomberg News where he wrote about hummus becoming the official dip of the NFL.