How North Country Reps Voted On Quitting The UN

Feb 2, 2012

Here is how the North Country representatives voted on Wednesday when the House passed a resolution – HCR32 - calling for the United States to withdraw from the United Nations “so that the United States may retain its sovereignty and control over its own funds and military forces.”

It passed 188 – 129.

Here are the North Country representatives voting in favor:

* Lyle Bulis (Republican) of Littleton

* Edmond Gionet (Republican) of Lincoln.

* Larry Rappaport (Republican) of Colebrook.

* John Tholl (Republican) of Whitefield

* Gregory Sorg (Republican) of Easton.

* Herb Richardson (Republican) of Lancaster

Here are the North Country representatives voting against:

* Duffy Daugherty (Republican) of Colebrook.

* Gary Coulombe (Democrat) of Berlin

* Evalyn Merrick (Democrat) of Lancaster

* William Hatch (Democrat) of Gorham

* William Remick (Republican) of Lancaster

* Yvonne Thomas (Democrat) of Berlin

* Marc Tremblay (Republican) of Berlin

* Kathleen Taylor (Democrat) of Franconia

Two representatives were excused:

* Stephanie Eaton (Republican) of Littleton

* Robert Theberge (Democrat) of Berlin

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