How North Country Reps Voted On "Planned Parenthood" Bill

Jan 19, 2012

Half of the North Country’s sixteen representatives voted in favor of House Bill 228  which bars any organization that performs elective abortions from receiving any state or federal funds.

As NHPR reported: “The measure backed by GOP leaders means Planned Parenthood of Northern New England would no longer be eligible to enter into contracts with the state to provide non-abortion reproductive health services to the poor – a role the organization has played in NH for 40 years. Warren Groen of Rochester is the measure’s lead sponsor.

“The final margin, 207-147, falls shy of what would be needed to override a veto by Governor Lynch. The measure now heads to the Senate.”

The voting was not completely along party lines with one Democrat voting in favor of the bill and two Republicans against it.

Here are the reps who voted in favor:

Duffy Daughterty (Colebrook, R)

Larry Rappaport (Colebrook, R)

John Tholl (Whitefield, R)

Yvonne Thomas (Berlin, D)

Marc Tremblay (Berlin, R)

Lyle Bulis (Littleton, R)

Gregory Sorg (Easton, R)

Edmond Gionet (Lincoln, R)


Here are the reps who voted against:

Evalyn Merrick (Lancaster, D)

William Remick (Lancaster, R)

Herb Richardson (Lancaster, R)

Robert Theberge (Berlin, D)

William Hatch (Gorham, D)

Kathleen Taylor (Franconia, D)


Two reps were excused from voting:

Stephanie Eaton (Littleton, R)

Gary Coulombe (Berlin, D)

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