How North Country Reps Voted On The Moratorium on Wind And Electric Transmission

Jan 29, 2014

Photo by Chris Jensen for NHPR

Eleven of fifteen North Country representatives were among those trying – but failing – to keep alive a bill that would have put a moratorium on wind farms and electric transmission lines such as Northern Pass until the state adopted a comprehensive energy policy.

As NHPR’s Sam Evans-Brown reported the Science, Technology, and Energy Committee previously voted 13 to 6 to recommend killing this bill.

Wednesday the House voted 194 – 148 to take that committee’s recommendation and kill HB 580.

North Country representatives who voted to kill the bill were:

Gary Coulombe, Berlin, Democrat

Larry Enman, Errol,  Democrat

Wayne Moynihan, Dummer, Democrat

Yvonne Thomas, Berlin, Democrat

North Country representatives who voted to keep the bill alive were:

Brad Bailey, Monroe, Republican

Rebecca Brown, Sugar Hill, Democrat

Ralph Doolan, Littleton, Republican

Marcia Hammon, Whitefield, Democrat

William Hatch, Gorham, Democrat

Laurence Rappaport, Colebrook, Republican

Herb Richardson, Lancaster, Republican

Leon H Rideout : Lancaster, Republican

Robert L Theberge  Berlin, Democrat

Susan Ford, Easton, Democrat

Linda Massimilla, Littleton, Democrat

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