How North Country Reps Voted On Gun Background Check Bill

Mar 12, 2015

Nine of 14 North Country representatives voted Wednesday to kill a bill that would have required criminal background checks on all commercial firearm sales.

All but one were Republicans.

Five Democrats opposed killing the measure.

As NHPR reported opponents of the House Bill 650 argued it was a waste of time because criminals would always find a way to get guns.

North Country representatives voting to kill the bill were:

* Brad Bailey, Republican, of Monroe

* John Fothergill, Republican, of Colebrook

* Edmond Gionet, Republican, of Lincoln

* Erin Hennessey, Republican, of Littleton

* Larry Rappaport, Republican, of Colebrook

* Herb Richardson, Republican, of Lancaster

* Leon Rideout, Republican, Lancaster

* Robert Theberge, Democrat, of Berlin

* John Tholl, Republican, Whitefield

North Country representatives voting not to kill the bill:

* Susan Ford, Democrat, of Easton

* Alethea Froburg, Democrat, of Berlin

* William Hatch, Democrat, of Gorham

* Linda Massimilla, Democrat, of Littleton

* Wayne Moynihan, Democrat, of Dummer

Reps excused from voting:

* Rebecca Brown, Democrat, of Sugar Hill

* Yvonne Thomas, Democrat, of Berlin

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