How Lego stacked itself out of the ashes

Dec 20, 2011

Contrary to the buy now messaging of the season, kids aren’t looking only for instant gratification. Take Lego.  In 2005, Lego Corporation came back from the brink by capitalizing on research showing  that kids are inspired by the difficulty and process of mastering a complicated model. So, rather than dumbing down to compete with the plug-in immediacy of video games, Lego ramped up the sophistication of its models. Now, the Denmark-based megabrand is hoping to draw in girls with pastel-colors and long-haired lady Legos.  Lego Corporation is the cover story of Bloomberg Businessweek, which speaks to its revival with tie-ins to movies, video games, and a thriving community of adult Lego enthusiasts.  We spoke with Jonathan Bender when his book, Lego: A Love Story, was released. The book is now out for Nook. 

We also spoke to Nathan Sawaya, known by many as "the brick artist."