House Votes to Take Away Emergency Powers

Feb 1, 2012


The New Hampshire house voted today to repeal the Emergency Powers Act, which allows the government to take private property during a declared state of emergency.

The bill’s supporters call the Emergency Powers Act a government overreach.

Representative Brandon Giuda spoke in favor of the repeal saying, "We now have a large government agency that came out of 9/11, but if that agency doesn’t properly plan with all the hundreds of thousands of dollars that are going to it, it can come to your house and take things from you."

Opponents, like Democrat Cindy Rosenwald, say that the emergency powers act can be necessary to respond quickly to disasters.

The committee clearly believes that like the boy scouts we should all be prepared," she said, "but there are certainly situations where repealing the Emergency Powers act could leave New Hampshire Residents vulnerable to harm."

The repeal goes now to the senate for consideration.