Holiday Labor Inequality: Who's Really Wrapping the Gifts ?

Dec 21, 2011

While taking a break from the online portion of my Christmas shopping the other day, I discovered a colorful conversation ballooning on Facebook about a disgruntled minority that isn’t part of the 99 percent. That is, the overwhelming percent of all Christmas chores thought, bought and wrapped by the women of the household. This, of course, was not a conversation backed by facts or data, but an informal survey based more likely on the spirit of Christmas exhaustion. Still, it seems like a gender exploration mostly explored under one’s breath rather than out loud - so it wasn’t long before the conversation leapt like a reindeer from the confines of social media, and into our editorial meeting. To dig a little deeper, word of mouth producer Rebecca Lavoie got in contact with Shelley Jones Wilson, the Vermont schoolteacher who broached the topic on Facebook.


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