Here's What's Awesome Today...

Jul 27, 2011

Wanna stay in my Awesomator loop? Then check these links out:

Google Plus - first impressions, where it can make an impact, what comes next.


Congressman is Hacked - for real - Ohio Republican Bill Johnson's Twitter feed had a rather graphic picture added, and it was taken down immediately, but this is no Anthony Weiner redux. The congressman notified police and so it looks like he actually was hacked. So no Johnson-gate. And thank heaven for that.

Hackers in the crosshairs? - A potential crackdown on LulzSec and Anonymous?

Betty White is Back! - she gets invited to a dance?

Rebecca Black is Back too! - and so are the remixes and spoofs:

The Bob Dylan one is actually pretty good this time.

Also: a spectacularly profane old man watches "My Moment." Might be good for sound with a LOT of bleeping.

To wash that down: a great mashup of YouTube performances of Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog": Watch for a cameo by Grover from "Sesame Street"!