Here's What's Awesome

Apr 4, 2012

Was 2012 the lamest year ever for April fools on the web?

This pretty lame and implausible prank indicates that maybe it was...

But I did like Google's prank of Street View kangaroos, and, of course, the totally awesome idea of putting Google maps on 8-bit NES cartridges.

Also, there's a sequel in the works to Kony 2012, but has it hit a snag?

And from activism on the web, to an explosion of data, as the National Archives have digitized census data from 1940.

But, is there a dark side to the cloud?

The good news is, the perennially awesome Star Wars fan-verse has been hard at work. Check out this video of Yoda edited to sound grammatically correct:

Speaking Correct Order of Words Yoda Is from MechaStewart on Vimeo.

And then there's this awesomely literary find...the first ever book trailer recorded by, who else, a tipsy Ernest Hemingway.

Wanna see a shotgun make a rainbow? Yes, you do.

Not your speed? Well, how about awesome bunch of robots who've formed their own Beatles cover band:

Now THAT's pretty awesome.