Here's What's Awesome...

Mar 14, 2012

NHPR's All Things Considered host and Word of Mouth Internet Sherpa Brady Carlson joins us for his latest round up of what's viral on the web.

Brady's awesome links:

African voices respond to the hype over the KONY2012 film.

Just one of the criticisms of the campaign.

The soft bigotry of KONY2012?

The definitive KONY2012 drinking game.

Kony? Or Carl Weathers?

How would the Three Little Pigs be covered today?

The AARP tweets about Biggie Smalls. Wait, What?

The web's latest cat meme, Captain Kitteh.

And yes, relative to nothing, bagpipers.

And this guy with a mohawk playing, “We Will Rock You” on the bagpipes. Oh, yeah.