Help NHPR Secure $10K: Join The Leadership Circle

A Leadership Circle membership can cost about the same as internet access - and less than a number of common expenses.
Credit Sara Plourde / NHPR

Barbara & Dick Couch and Tillman & Sylvia Gerngross have offered NHPR $10,000 when we secure 20 new or increased gifts to the Leadership Circle by June 30th – that’s $500 for each gift!

Leadership Circle gifts make such a difference to NHPR! Want to learn more & check out the benefits you'll receive at different levels? You can do that here.

Watch videos of Leadership Circle members talking about why they love NHPR, where they listen, and what it means to give:

Where and when do you listen to NHPR?

What are three adjectives that describe NHPR?

What's your favorite thing about NHPR?

What would you say to someone who's considering joining NHPR's Leadership Circle?

You can also listen to some of our Leadership Circle members talk about what it means to them:

Make your gift online - you can set up a sustaining monthly gift or make a one-time gift - or call Anna Moskov at (603) 223-2481. Thank you!