Heavy Snow Causing Hazardous Roads

Mar 1, 2012

After a mild winter with little snow, New Hampshire is being hit with a late-season storm.

The National Weather Service says up to a foot of snow is expected in some areas by this evening.    

There are more than 200 closings, although most schools are closed due to winter break.

New Hampshire Department of Transportation says drivers should take extra precautions.

"The roadways are slippery," said Nick King, with New Hampshire Department of Transportation. "It's a heavy snow, which is causing the roadways to become slippery and accumulate on the roadway creating grooves for traffic." 

King says crews will be out all morning and afternoon trying to keep roads clear. "We do have DOT personnel out there. They are trying to keep up with the snowfall but it's falling pretty quickly so as much as they pick up it falls right down back behind them, " he said.

You can keep up with accidents and road closures at http://hb.511nh.com/main.jsf