Health Insurance Advisory Board Gets Going

Nov 13, 2012

Credit istock photo

Back in June, the state legislature passed a law prohibiting the state from creating its own health exchange. Instead, New Hampshire will let the Federal government set it up.

But with big Democratic gains in last week’s election, the state is likely to play a bigger role in shaping the exchange.

In case you don’t remember, exchanges are those on-line marketplaces where people will shop for health insurance beginning in 2014.

It’s the job of the 12-member Advisory Board to guide state agencies as they work with the Feds on designing the exchange.

Lisa Guertin with Anthen Blue Cross Blue Shield is Co-Chair:

I think both the Department of Insurance and Department of Health and Human Services have some important work to do. And the Legislature has said they would like them to do that with the input and advice from a variety of stakeholders.

Those stakeholders include small business owners, public health advocates, industry representatives like Guertin, and consumers.

The Federal government has pushed back the deadline for submitting blueprints for these 'partnership exchanges' to February 15th.