At Hassan Victory Party, Some Supporters Hesitant

Sep 11, 2012

A crowd is forming at the Hassan victory party, although not all attendees are entirely enthusiastic.  Alex Cohen of Dover came to the Hassan victory party with his friend Linda, a campaign volunteer from Newmarket.  He's sporting a Hassan campaign sticker, but says "I always find myself voting for the lesser of two evils."

His friend Linda, who prefers neither to share her last name nor be photographed, says she volunteered for the Hassan campaign at phone banks.  She says she actually would like to see a sales tax, but agrees with Hassan that "now is not a good time." Cohen interrupts her, saying "Maggie knows what is achievable."

And, Linda says, Hassan has done more for womens' issues than any other candidate. "You can't have true democracy if you repress 50 percent of the population."

UPDATE: In a later interview, Cohen reasserted his enthusiasm for Hassan and her campaign, calling Hassan "a reasonable person who gets things done, and knows how to work across the aisles."