Hassan Meets With Fourth Graders Who Proposed Raptor Bill

Mar 31, 2015

Governor Hassan and Hawk bill sponsor, Representative Cushing met with fourth graders in Hampton Falls.
Credit Emily Corwin / NHPR

  Governor Hassan paid a visit to the fourth graders in Hampton Falls who proposed a bill naming the Red Tailed Hawk the state’s official raptor.

The raptor bill failed a couple weeks ago after a debate in the House in which one representative invoked abortion and others called the bill frivolous.  

Now, Sen. Jeff Woodburn says he'll attach the raptor language to a bill naming the bobcat the state's official wildcat to "right a serious wrong."

On Tuesday in the Lincoln Akerman school library, Governor Hassan addressed the fourth graders.

“I think a lot of us feel that they didn’t exercise their best judgment on the day they voted, and like a lot of human beings sometimes people make mistakes and one of the things the amendment process does is let us try to correct mistakes.”

Fourth Grader Maya Delano says she understands the Representatives’ behavior was rude. But she also says all this attention– “it’s fun.”