Happy Frost Day! Historic Franconia House Hosts Poetry Event

Jul 7, 2013

Credit Leslie Jones / Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection

For more than 30 years, Robert Frost’s old home in Franconia has celebrated the poet on the first Sunday of July.  The Frost Place’s Executive Director Maudelle Driskell says the annual event draws a variety of visitors.

“And it’s everybody from people, just [from] the local area--they want to come out and listen to the readings and see the Frost Place--to people that specifically come up to hear readings on Frost Day, and tourists that are traveling through," Driskell says.  "This year, we hope that we’ll have more families.”

She says today, for the first time, The Frost Place will offer interactive events for kids, where they can learn about poetry, the life of Robert Frost, and hear a fiddling poet.  The family festivities begin at 12:30 pm.  Poetry readings for adults will continue throughout the afternoon, and wrap-up at 5:00 pm.