A Granite State Take On Immigration Reform

Feb 7, 2013

Credit twg1942 via Flickr Creative Commons

After years of rancor and stalemate there now appears to be rare bipartisan movement on this issue on Capitol Hill. Still, there is plenty of room for disagreement over such matters as a path to citizenship for those here illegally. We’ll take a look at some of the major issues at stake -- and what may happen nationally and here in New Hampshire.


  • Ronald Abramson – NH immigration lawyer, founder of Immigration+ Solutions. He is himself a naturalized citizen, originally from Chile.
  • Fergus Cullen  - Former chairman of NH Republican party, principal of Fergus Cullen Communications, a research, advocacy, and public affairs consulting company. He is also founder of Americans by Choice, a national organization supporting immigration reform.
  • Gregory Sorg – Attorney and former Republican Representative from Easton