GOP Candidate Puts Forward Alternative Gambling Plan

Apr 30, 2014

Republican gubernatorial candidate Andrew Hemingway laid out his own gaming proposal on the same day the New Hampshire House voted down a two casino plan.

Credit Todd Bookman / NHPR

Hemingway, a conservative activist from Bristol, opposes what he calls 'Las Vegas style campus casinos' like those considered in the bill voted on by lawmakers.

Instead, he says already functioning charitable gaming sites in New Hampshire should be able to add slot machines to their operations.

“This is a plan that absolutely increases revenue to the state,” says Hemingway. “But it is not the cornerstone of how do we solve our current revenue problem.”

He says his plan would generate nearly $90 million in additional money, a quarter of which would be allocated to the state budget.

It would allow a total of 1,600 slot machines, including 400 hosted at locations outside of charitable gaming facilities, such as restaurants or ski resorts.

“This is a plan that is built from the premise of let the free market decide the best allocation of resources.”

Under the proposal, charities would receive 35% of revenues earned by new slot machines, with the hosting facility retaining 38% of revenues.