Good Gig: Fire Rappeller Jess Crump

Nov 10, 2014

Good Gig is a series of conversations with individuals who have landed their dream job.

Jessica Crump is a fire rappeller, or officially, a wild land firefighter for the United States Forestry Service based out of Grants Pass, Oregon. Her job is to rappel into places that most of us would run from.

Credit Photo courtesy of Jess Crump

This is definitely not an easy gig, but Jess finds it incredibly rewarding and the perks, for her, make it a great gig.

Fire rappellers face enormous challenges and dangers when they're on the job. We asked Jess about the events last June when 19 firefighters lost their lives in Arizona after getting trapped in the Yarnell Hill fire.

If you want to learn more about Jess and her team, check out their website: Siskiyou Rappel Crew.

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