Golden Dome of N.H. State House Will Go (Briefly) Dark

Apr 30, 2018

If you're walking through Concord at night and are surprised the familiar glow of the State House dome has vanished, don't worry, it's not an alien invasion.


Crews will be working to update the electrical system so LED lights can be installed this summer. Officials say the dome will go dark for about a week starting April 30.


House of Representatives Chief of Staff Terry Pfaff wants to make sure passersby are not alarmed.


“It is the jewel of the state, we think. And people are going by on a regular basis... This will prevent calls and inform the public, hopefully,” Pfaff said. More energy-efficient LEDs will be cheaper to run and provide better light than the current incandescent bulbs.


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“The lighting project will add the finishing touches to the $2.4 million dome restoration project that was completed on time and on budget,” Pfaff said in a statement.