Gingrich Takes Aim at Romney and Paul

Jan 4, 2012

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is drawing sharp distinctions between himself and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney in the final days of the New Hampshire primary.   Gingrich presents himself as a consistent conservative.

Speaking to reporters in Concord, Newt Gingrich said Mitt Romney’s record puts him at odds with the bulk of the Republican party.  Gingrich underscored two features of the Massachusetts health insurance plan enacted under Romney.

“Included state funded abortions.  Included specifically designating Planned Parenthood as a part of Romneycare.”

Gingrich voiced frustration that the media considers Romney to be the most electable Republican.

He also had tough words for Texas congressman Ron Paul.  Gingrich described him as a man who says wild and outrageous things with no facts to back them up.