Friday Is For Memes: Texts From Hillary

Apr 6, 2012

She's been Secretary of State, a US Senator, First Lady, the world's most admired woman... and now she's gone viral. Hillary Clinton is a meme, thanks to the Texts from Hillary Tumblog.

The biggest political meme to hit the web in a good while stems from a photo of the Secretary checking her smartphone, wearing sunglasses. She's got tons of paperwork in front of her, but she's still got time to dash off a few quick texts to President Obama, her husband, even Oprah and Jay-Z.  (Though we should note: fans of Sarah Palin probably won't like the "texts" Hillary "sends" her.) 

My favorite so far is a very meta text exchange between Clinton and her predecessor at the State Department, Condoleeza Rice, over the sunglasses. But since the sunglasses are the draw here, how about a guest appearance by  David Caruso of "CSI: Miami" and his shades? Or, for that matter, Corey "Sunglasses at Night" Hart?

[Texts from Hillary Clinton via About Political Humor]