Former N.H. State Rep. Ends Bid for Congress

Nov 10, 2017

A former State Representative is no longer running for Congress.

Jack Flanagan

Jack Flanagan of Brookline has served in an elected role for 35 years. Most recently as the Republican House Majority Leader.

Flanagan ran for the Congressional 2nd District in 2016 but lost in the Primary. He announced he’d run again in June but said his upcoming 60th birthday made him rethink it. 

“There’s so many crazy things going on in Washington, D.C. right now, I didn’t know if I could be as effective as I want to be," Flanagan said. "Every position that I’ve held publicly – school board, selectman, even as a State Rep. it was very purposeful. Now, I don’t even know where I’d even begin.”

State Rep. Steve Negron of Nashua and Doctor Stewart Levenson, one of the whistleblowers at the Manchester VA, are bidding for the GOP nomination. Democratic Congresswoman Annie Kuster currently holds the seat.