Former County Attorney Reams Gets $30K Settlement From State

Oct 25, 2016

The former top prosecutor in Rockingham County, Jim Reams, has won a $30,000 settlement from the state.

The settlement comes after retired county Attorney, Jim Reams, sued the state Attorney General, Joe Foster, for attorney’s fees.  

Foster’s office had investigated Reams and uncovered allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination and financial abuse in the County Attorneys office. After that, Foster’s office suspended Reams’ power to prosecute.  A judge later ordered Reams back to work: the AG, it turned out, didn’t have the authority to remove the County Attorney.  

According to settlement documents obtained by, the AG’s office settled with Reams in August, paying his attorneys $30,000 for their work defending Reams.

The settlement includes the state’s denial of any wrongdoing or responsibility.

The state never pursued criminal charges against Reams, who retired soon after being ordered back to work.