Forest Society Makes Goal for Balsams, Blocks Northern Pass

Jan 15, 2012

The Forest Society says it has raised the $850,000 needed for a conservation easement at the Balsams Grand Resort Hotel in Dixville Notch. It blocks a right-of-way for the proposed Northern Pass hydro-electric project. NHPR’s Chris Jensen reports.

The Forest Society’s deadline for raising $850,000 for a 5,800-acre conservation easement at the Balsams resort was January 15th.

It raised the money with a record 1,500 contributions.

And, The Forest Society says Northern Pass’ hope to use the land for its electric towers deserves some of the credit.

Jack Savage is a spokesman for The Forest Society.

“I think when we began this campaign we saw it primarily as a very good conservation project. We’ve wanted to pursue the conservation of these acres for at least a decade.”

But when Northern Pass’ interest in the land became well known Savage says there was a change.

Raising the money became a kind of referendum on Northern Pass.

 “People around the state and in fact around the region were reacting to that and wanted to help us precisely because they wanted to stop Northern Pass.”

The Forest Society hopes to finish the paperwork on the deal within the next week.

For NHPR News this is Chris Jensen