Floods On The Rise

Sep 23, 2013

It’s a national trend: torrential rain that wipes away roads, homes, and lives. New Hampshire has also seen an increase in these storms, including this summer, resulting in a disaster declaration by the President. Officials, meanwhile, have been working to not only fix the damage from these storms but rebuild in ways that can better withstand the next one.

Credit thisreidwrites via Flickr Creative Commons


  • Jennifer Jacobs –

    Professor of Civil Engineering at UNH. She researches surface water and teaches about flooding and management of water from different rainfall events. She is also the director of the Infrastructure and Climate Network, a network of people across climate and engineering disciplines that aims to fast track research in this area.

  • Sherry Godlewski – Environmental Program Manager for NH Department of Environmental Services Air Resources Division.


  • Mike Lavalla – Director of Public Works for Lebanon.
  • Perry Plumber – Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management in New Hampshire.

*Here's a link to a website with more information about New Hampshire's floodplain: http://ow.ly/p3Uqx