Five Things You Should Know About The New Xbox

May 28, 2013

Credit Microsoft

We recently spoke with Jamin Warren about all the controversy surrounding the launch of Microsoft's new console, the Xbox One. Here's five facts you should know about Microsoft's sleek new hardware.

1.) It Won’t Run Your Old Xbox Games

Sad to say, but the new black box isn’t backwards compatible with your Xbox 360 catalog. Ditto with any titles purchased off of the Xbox Live Arcade marketplace. The new system’s hardware is too different from its predecessor’s for older software to work. So for those with a burgeoning Xbox 360 collection, it’s best to hold on to your 360 if you plan on revisiting old titles.

2.) Kinect is Mandatory

For some gamers, the motion-sensing add-on Microsoft developed towards the end of the Xbox’s lifespan was little more than a novelty and, at worst, a nuisance. But now the device is no longer optional. Microsoft confirmed that the new console will require the Kinect to be plugged in for the new Xbox to function. And that makes some people question whether or not they want to have an always-on device capable of capturing video and sound in their living room.

Credit Microsoft

3.) It’s Not Just For Gamers

Skype, HBO Go, Netflix, Hulu, ESPN; the Xbox One is as much of a media streaming device as it is a gaming device. You’ll be able to plug your cable box directly into the One, allowing it to function as a voice-activated Tivo. Much of the One’s reveal event focused on these capabilities, much to gamers’ chagrins, but Microsoft is counting on the One’s media features to capture more of the non-gaming market.

4.) Used Games Come With Strings

In simpler times, if you bought the disc or cartridge a game came on, you owned the game. Things are changing with Xbox One. Buying a game on the new platform means purchasing the right to use the game, regardless of what medium you use to get the game. Microsoft says that users will be able to trade games they own, but are less clear on the kinds of fees game publishers might charge users for purchasing used games. This has made a lot of gamers ill at ease.

5.) It Requires an Internet Connection

An internet connection is an integral part of the One, and without it you cannot access many, if any at all, of the console’s capabilities. Because games are now linked to an online account rather than a single device, the One will need to periodically phone home to Microsoft to make sure your games are legally obtained.