In First 'Official' Campaign Stop, Jeb Bush Touts His Experience as Governor

Jun 16, 2015

Republican Jeb Bush spent his first full day as an official presidential candidate in New Hampshire on Tuesday. The former Florida governor used a Derry town hall meeting to stress his executive experience.

Bush told a crowd of several hundred voters at the Derry Opera House that if he were president he’d  fix a “few big things:" the tax code,  the entitlement system, and the economy.  Bush also took a swipe at rivals who he says may talk better than he does, but haven't gotten things done.

"I didn’t file an amendment and call that success. I actually did things as governor, and I think now it’s time to stop talking about things," Bush said.

Bush criticized Democrat Hillary Clinton for not running what he called a transparent campaign. Bush took questions for about an hour on topics ranging from abortion  – he’s pro-life but favors allowing abortion in health emergencies or cases of rape and incest--  to campaign finance.

Bush faces Fedeal Election Commission complaints from watchdog groups over his skirting campaign contribution limits by delaying his entry into the race.  He said the system “doesn't make sense” and that disclosure was the best approach.