First Impressions: Iconic Title Sequences In Film & TV

Feb 27, 2014

Credit Roadsidepictures via flickr Creative Commons

Title sequences have a practical function, sure. They convey the whos, wheres and whens of a production while segueing into the story. They are also the first impression, the opportune moment to set up the tone of a film or show. Through music, imagery, and written or spoken dialogue, title sequences can be the most artistically influenced aspect of a production. Though not always true, title sequences can even be the best part of a show or movie that is otherwise full of overplayed clichés and unoriginal storylines.  At Word of Mouth, we searched and sifted for those iconic title sequences we thought packed that extra artistic punch. While most correlate to the quality and success of the production as a whole, others, well, others might not.

Check out some of our favorite film and TV title sequences below. Yours didn't make the list? Share it on Facebook!


Vertigo, 1958

The Pink Panther, 1963

The Shining, 1980

Juno, 2007

Dr. No, 1962


Orange is the New Black, 2013

The Walking Dead, 2010

The Twilight Zone, 1964

True Detective [slightly NSFW], 2014

The Big Bang Theory, 2007