Executive Council Refuses Another Term For Consumer Advocate

Nov 10, 2011

The Executive Council refused to give New Hampshire Consumer Advocate Meredith Hatfield another term.

Some on the all Republican council feel she’s been too political in her opinions.

The Executive Council voted three to two against re-appointing Meredith Hatfield to represent the interest of consumers against the state’s public utilities.

Councilor Chris Sununu, of Newfields, says he was concerned about her stance on the Laidlaw Biomass Plant in Berlin as well as some of her opinions on the PSNH power plant in Bow.

Sununu says it’s time for someone else to be consumer advocate.

 “The consumer advocate’s role is not to be a bully, and I’m not saying Meredith was, but you have to be very careful, they eye of your prize can’t be just beating up on PSNH.”

Hatfield said the contract between Laidlaw Berlin Biomass and Public Service of New Hampshire would cost PSNH customers 400 million dollars by purchasing energy from the plant at over market cost.

Councilor Dan St. Hillaire of Concord, who supported Hatfield, told the Concord Monitor that the vote came as a surprise to him.